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10:00 AM


Steve Torso

Founder & CEO, Wholesale Investor

10:10 AM


Keynote Speaker

Founder of Vocus Communications & CEO of MHOR Asset Management

10:30 AM


10:30 AM: Zenio Capital Ltd
10:40 AM: Weazel Holdings
10:50 AM: Vidstep Pty Ltd
11:00 AM: Australian Premier Finance Co Pty Ltd
11:10 AM: Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: RCE)
11:20 AM: Superdraft
11:30 PM: The Kendo Method Pty Ltd
11:40 PM: 2U Grocer
11:50 PM: Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX: BSX)
12:00 PM: Radian Aerospace
12:10 PM: Identitii (ASX: ID8)
12:20 PM: SendGold
12:30 PM: AUM Biosciences 
12:40 PM: Newground Capital Partners
12:50 PM: Sniip Ltd
01:00 PM: Medikane Holdings Ltd

1:20 PM


Investment Trends and Themes during and post COVID-19


Kylie Merritt - Founder, Ausbiz
Justin Lipman - Investment Director, Equity Venture Partners
Emily Close - Investment Manager, AirTree
Alan Jones - Entrepreneur/Investor, M8 Ventures
Ellisa Bennett - Portfolio Analyst, Blackbird Ventures

Showcasing Companies


Financial Services / Fund Manager / Private Equity

The Zenio Capital Equity Fund is an Australian unregistered management investment scheme designed to allow Wholesale or Sophisticated Investors in Australia and or globally to invest in the Fund. The Fund has appointed Zenio Capital Equity Investments Pty Ltd as the investment manager.


Digital Media / e-Commerce / Software Development

The Weazel software platform is a web-based application that allows both talented people and hospitality venues such as bars and clubs to transact with patrons on a personal and direct level.

The in-venue application live streams video from strategically placed camera locations within venues to app users. This stream is accompanied by venue specific specials users and followers can purchase and redeem in venue when they arrive.



Vidstep is a next generation video technology, designed to compliment and integrate with many leading software products.

It has wide appeal for business owners and managers challenged with providing clear instructions for virtual distribution and remote teams.


Property / Hospitality / Technology

Australian Premier Finance (APF) delivers Automotive Finance to eligible consumers throughout Australia. Our loans are designed to meet the customers’ needs and financial situation, while adhering to the strict regulatory lending requirements required of credit providers. Our aim is to provide clients with transparency and high-quality services that surpass all others and our success has translated into delivering steady and high returns for our investors over the past 17+ years.


Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals

Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: RCE) is pioneering the development and commercialisation of a new class of synthetic antibiotics with broad-spectrum activity designed to address the urgent global health problem of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.



Superdraft is Australia’s leading residential design & build platform which is ready for global scale. We simplify the design and build process for customers (B2C) and industry partners (B2B), by coordinating the project from design all the way through to build using proprietary project coordination technology. With a focus on the residential market – new homes, renovations and developments, Superdraft is in the box seat to become a leading global build platform.



Kendo is a leader of HR Tech focused on performance improvement. Automation in the workforce, disruption, and the rise of the contingent worker are global trends changing the world of work… and traditional approaches to HR are not coping. Kendo improves the performance of people and the organisations they work for.


Consumers / e-Commerce / Food and Beverage

People at home want to get their food and drink delivered without having to go to the shops. Venues, especially those that serve alcohol want to keep their clientele fed without having to maintain a kitchen. 2ugrocer is small enough to provide you with a personalised service, large enough to provide all aspects of the food or drink you may need.



Blackstone Minerals (ASX: BSX) is actively exploring the Ta Khoa Nickel Project in Vietnam. The project includes the Ban Phuc mine which operated as a mechanised underground mine from 2013-16 and has modern infrastructure built to Australian standards, including a 450ktpa processing plant.
The Ta Khoa district and Ban Phuc mine represents a rare opportunity to invest in a premier, district scale, nickel PGE (Cu Co) sulfide project, with a downstream nickel sulfate value add opportunity, located in an emerging hub for EV lithium-ion battery manufacturing.


Technology / Air Transport

At last technology breakthroughs have occurred that allows for the creation and operation of horizontal take-off and landing reusable space aircraft. This disruptive technology completely changes the dynamics of Space Logistics for the future with an ability to launch daily flights to space at a fraction of the cost that other Space government and private companies are advertising.


Technology / Fintech

Identitii solves the problem that while money moves fairly freely around the world, the information needed to process and report on financial transactions is often incomplete, inaccurate or even missing. This is due to a combination of the decades old technology systems still used by financial institutions today, and that information is currently still collected manually, often using email, Excel or even fax. This means there is no single source of truth for information, meaning payments are held up and it is hard to combat financial crime.  Identitii is replacing these manual processes with a global network for financial information that enhances existing systems and helps reduce financial crime, decrease operational costs and improve the integrity of data for financial institutions and regulators around the world.


Financial Services / App / AI / Fintech / Software-as-a-Service

DIGITAL GOLD. Save it. Send it. Gift it. Cash Out any time. SendGold is Asia-Pacific’s award-winning Digital Gold Money Platform. Our monthly gold demand has grown 819% since January.

SendGold is bringing gold into the digital age, making it available to everyone, anywhere, instantly. We are disrupting the multi-trillion-dollar gold market, enabling people to build and transfer their wealth, outside of the banks, across borders and across generations.


Healthcare / Biotechnology / Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals

AUM Biosciences is founded by industry veterans who have a track record of executing a $145 Million PE deal to support pharmaceutical giant Eisai leading to the global commercialisation of 3 major blockbusters, most recent being Lenvatinib (Lenvima) for 1st line treatment of liver cancer. This unique model resulted in superior returns of >5X ROI per molecule. This lucrative business model and a strong interdisciplinary team are the core pillars of AUM Biosciences.


Fund Manager / Property

Newground is a leading investor and manager of real estate capital solutions within Australia’s mid-market.

We invest across all sectors of real estate development alongside proven sponsors who require additional capital to grow and execute their project pipeline.

Newground provides investors with access to off-market proprietary deal flow, genuine alignment of interest via co-investment, combined with years of experience and a proven track record.


Banking / Fintech / Software Development

Sniip is a mobile payments application and it is designed to be the new way that Australians pay and manage bills. It is the easiest and fastest way to pay and manage bills on a mobile.

Sniip is bank and card agnostic, uniquely built around the consumer to allow them control how they pay and manage their bills – irrespective of how a biller or bank currently dictates how this is done.

Sniip allows a consumer to pay their bills using any debit or credit card (including AMEX) whilst providing the tools to make sure you never miss a due date again.


Healthcare / Healthcare Services

MediKane is a growth business selling to the Healthcare sector with two products at market and 3 other products set for launch in 2020.

The key market is diabetes and a secondary market is the hospital post-operative care market. Both of these products have been clinically proven to be fully effective in their applications.

All Products are plant-based and natural, with clinical trial and medical data showing the product meet customer medical needs and their expectations.


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