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Is CRIISP like Equity Crowdfunding?

No, for two reasons; 1) We don't charge companies 6 ~ 8% success fees to utilize our platform, and 2) We target High Net Worth and Professional Investors. Companies are welcome to invite non-sophisticated investors to view their opportunity but must oblige with the Class Order 02/273 and Corporation Act 2001, 20/12 requirements.

Are we competing with other data room providers?

No - data rooms are specialty products. The outcome we are seeking is to assist companies who use these services, get access to new investors, and facilitate the completion of their transaction. CRIISP is a platform designed to enable transactions and deal rooms are simply part of the process for companies. It is merely one component of the reason a company would use CRIISP.

I'm a community partner with Wholesale Investor, how should I advocate CRIISP and what are the benefis?

Speak with us! We are always interested in hearing how you can be involved further with CRIISP! We'd be happy to take you through the process and what's involved.

I have a Corporate Advisor, how can I use CRIISP?

For companies who are utilising Corporate Advisors, CRIISP is the perfect compliment for several reasons. 1. Private and Discreet - When setting up your deal room, you have complete control over what you show and don't show. For example, you choose whether you are visible in the Investor marketplace or not, along with the progress of the raise. 2. Visibility, Analytics, and Tracking - One of the challenges with the raising process is that as a client of an Advisor, you have no visibility over potential investors' engagement with your deal room and with your advisor. CRIISP provides you with full visibility to analytics, so you are across what is happening within seconds

Do we take success fees on capital raised?

No, we don't charge success fees on capital raised. One of CRIISP's definining features is our flat rate access fees.

Can you charm us into taking success fees on capital raised?

We're flattered, answer is still no.

If I am a startup or early-stage company, can I afford the yearly fee for CRIISP?

If you are raising money, you are going to be paying a lot more than this in lost time, opportunity costs, additional professional services fees, and the list goes on. Given that capital raising is one of the most critical aspects of your survival and accelerated growth, the opportunity cost is far higher. Utilising CRIISP, as part of your capital raise significantly decreases the amount of redundant time you spend on it, along with making your visible to investors if you chose this option. With the correct use of the platform, you accumulate valuable analytics, which is useful for future capital raises.

Why would I use CRIISP if I am not raising capital?

The core principles of CRIISP are; 1) Get ready 2) Stay ready, and 3) Always be raising The philosophy we want to encourage to founders is that you never know what opportunities may present themselves, either positively or negatively. Being prepared shows professionalism and saves you from wasting time when you also need to be growing the business. The biggest mistake I made for Wholesale Investor, was not being ready when I had a significant investment at the table. Opportunity cost is the most considerable loss you can experience as a Founder. Even if you are not raising, you can invite potential strategic partners to your deal room and be consistently proactive in your approach.

How will companies use CRIISP when they are not raising?

Strategic opportunities - As a Founder, you are always on the lookout for strategic opportunities, which often require you sending through your Corporate Profile or even potentially your pitch deck. Our suggestion is to use CRIISP, so you can:

1) Get them engaged with your room
2) Track their activity and visits
3) Communicate your progress to them
Board and Management - Shortly, we are adding a folder structure to simplify the distribution of your information, for your Board Meeting requirements. Investor Communications - Consistent investor communications are essential for future capital raising rounds, investor introductions, and general investor engagement. With this feature, you can keep current and future potential shareholders up to date with your progress Secondary Sales - Most emerging companies are likely to have shareholders who are looking to sell. Over the next few months, we are adding a module to assist in the facilitation of Secondary Sales These product features are currently in development, so when they get released, you will be notified.

Will my deal room be accessible to the public?

No deal room is available to the general public. All deals are behind our registration process and not discoverable by google's search engines. Investors need to subscribe to the appropriate warnings before entering the deal room. You have the option to make your dealroom shown to all CRIISP subscribers through the marketplace, or to have it private so only those you invite. All entrants to your deal room must be approved by the owner or a collaborator without exception, regardless of where they arrive from.

Does CRIISP alert to investors of new deals available?

Yes. Depending on how investors set their notifications (daily or weekly), the platform notifies subscribers of new opportunities. Clients of CRIISP, are also promoted to the Wholesale Investor network.

Is CRIISP available for deals outside of Australia?

CRIISP is available in the following currencies for raising capital: AUD, NZD, CAD, CNY, GBP, HKD, SGD and USD. Investors can register from any region.

I have multiple companies/deals, do I pay for each subscription separately?

Yes. If you wish to apply to be a Corporate Partner or Channel Partner, then please contact us.

I have a problem with a particular function on CRIISP; what do I do?

We have real-time on platform support either by using the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen when logged out, or by using the Support link (under the Account tab) while logged in.

We already have a lawyer/accountant for the share certificates and other

No problem. CRIISP can facilitate this for you as well, for investors who complete the online share application process. This can save you the additional cost of your accountant or lawyer performing this work for you if you want.

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