AIRING 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM ON 16 SEPTEMBER 2020


Showcase Agenda


Keys to managing a successful IPO

10:10 AM


John F Diddams
Principal at JFDCPA & Non-executive Director of ASX listed companies



10:35 AM

10:35 AM - neuroCare Group

10:44 AM - Rapid Response Revival Research Limited

10:53 AM - Montem Resources Ltd (ASX:MR1)


Fund Managers & Deal makers

10:58 AM


Lelde Smits - Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Capital Network

James Posnett - Senior Manager, Listings Business Development at ASX

Richard Ivers - Portfolio Manager, Prime Value Asset Management

Monik Kotecha - Chief Investment Officer, Insync Funds Management



11:36 AM

11:36 AM - Lighthouse Digital Limited

11:45 AM - Global Health Limited (ASX:GLH)

11:54 AM - Memphasys Limited (ASX:MEM)

12:03 PM - PayGroup Limited (ASX:PYG)

12:12 PM - Optiscan Imaging Limited (ASX:OIL)

headshot Jun.JPG

12:21 PM



Jun Bei Liu

Lead Portfolio Manager for the Tribeca Alpha Plus Fund



12:42 PM

12:42 PM - CV Check Ltd (ASX:CV1)

12:51 PM - DomaCom Ltd (ASX: DCL)


IPO Spotlight

13:00 PM


Steve Torso - Managing Director, Wholesale Investor

Brian Ward - CEO, Aroa Biosurgery

Andreas Fouras - Founder & CEO, 4DMedical

John Kelly - Founder & CEO, Atomo Diagnostics

Showcasing Companies


neuroCare Group

Healthcare / Healthcare Services / Life Sciences / Medical Devices

neuroCare is innovating mental health and performance by personalising therapy following a detailed assessment. neuroCare’s objective, measurable and effective approach is based on our natural ability to learn (neuroplasticity) and technology to speed up the learning (neuromodulation). It enables individuals to improve their self regulation and hence is a sustainable solution. Our response rates are published in leading scientific journals.

RRR-Logo-260x260 (1).jpg

Rapid Response Revival Research Limited

Healthcare / Medical Devices / App / Big Data / Software Development / Software-as-a-Service

Rapid Response Revival are the innovators behind the CellAED® defibrillator technology – transforming everyday people into heroes. Rapid Response Revival Limited seeks to improve the survival rate of SCA by making fast treatment effective, simple and affordable – restarting hearts in cardiac arrest within the critical ‘Survival Gap’ (first 4 minutes) before emergency services arrive. This increases the survival rate of SCA victims who receive defibrillation within this ‘Survival Gap’ as high as 70% and helping to bridge the gap to professional care.


Montem Resources Ltd (ASX:MR1)


Montem Resources is a steelmaking coal developer holding assets in Canada.

Montem is restarting the Tent Mountain Mine, with coal sales expected in 2022. Profits from Tent Mountain will be invested to develop our large pipeline of open-cut steelmaking coal projects, all in the heartland of Canadian steelmaking coal production, in the Crowsnest Pass.


Lighthouse Digital Limited

Digital Media / e-Commerce / Software-as-a-Service

Lighthouse Digital is a end-to-end provider in the rapidly growing Digital Marketing, Digital Signage and Digital Advertising segment. We offer a full range of products and services, including large outdoor and indoor billboards. Our software is also used as a self managed digital signage for the international markets on a SaaS model.


Global Health Limited (ASX:GLH)

Healthcare / Healthcare Services / Technology / Software Development / Software-as-a-Service

Global Health believes that a patient-centred and connected healthcare eco-system are the keys to enhanced health outcomes for individuals and improved financial outcomes for healthcare delivery organisations. 

Our SaaS platforms are designed to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Our target market is the fastest growing, chronic disease segment of healthcare.


Memphasys Limited (ASX:MEM)

Biotechnology / Medical Devices

Memphasys (ASX:MEM) is an Australian-based bio-separations company developing the Felix device – a unique device for quickly separating high quality sperm from a semen sample for use in human IVF procedures.

With rates of male infertility climbing across the globe, the patented technology within the Felix device can play an important role in improving the IVF process, ensuring an improved chance of a delivering a happy, healthy baby.


PayGroup Limited (ASX:PYG)

Human Resources / Technology / Artificial Intelligence / Cloud Services / Fintech / Software-as-a-Service

PayGroup Limited (ASX:PYG), the holding company for PayAsia, TalentOz and Astute One, is a specialist provider of AI and analytics-driven payroll and human capital management solutions. With a 95% retention rate with standard 3-year contracts across 915 client entities, PayGroup is a trusted payroll partner for multinational companies and a leader in workforce management solutions.


Optiscan Imaging Limited (ASX:OIL)

Biotechnology / Life Sciences / Medical Devices / Engineering

OptiScan (ASX:OIL) has developed imaging technology for use in Cancer Screening and Surgery, providing an instantaneous “digital” biopsy.


Their technology forms part of the ZEISS CONVIVO™, developed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss Meditec, a leading German medical technology company for use in Brain Cancer. They are seeking approval in the US for our InVivage™ device in Oral Cancer.


CV Check Ltd (ASX:CV1)


CV1 is an expanding business with growing revenue streams through the provision of its products to employers, industry associations and individuals via the CV Check brand on its proprietary online platform The Company has been operating for more than 10 years and in the process has developed a world-class online platform providing a comprehensive range of people risk management solutions across the globe.


DomaCom Ltd (ASX: DCL)

Financial Services / Property

DomaCom is the first and only ASX listed Fractional Investment Fund in the country, created to provide a better and easier means of investing in a variety of thematic property investments. DomaCom has deployed a model which allows investors to pool together to acquire property assets of their choice in a way that facilitates diversification thereby minimising risk. DomaCom has completed over 60 crowdfunding or syndicated acquisitions in residential, commercial, rural farmland and renewable energy and is working on similar syndications in affordable housing.