Utilising CRIISP, the most complete tool for your capital raising needs

Aiming to drive more investors into your deal room, we encourage you to remain active on CRIISP and take full advantage of its features.

Best practices:

  • Accomplish your deal room fully and keep information up to date

  • Use a structured and concise communication style

  • Post news articles and send scheduled development updates to current and potential investors

  • Keep an eye on your activity tab to gain intelligence you can use for your current and future raise

In alignment with the use of CRIISP is the marketing campaign service we provide to distribute your content that leverages different media channels such as email, video, a publication page, and social media.

Being proactive during the process helps ensure the increase in your company's brand awareness targeted at our vast network of investors giving you a better chance at engaging with a number of prospects and potentially finding a suitable match.