AIRING 10:00 AM - 14 AUGUST 2020


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10:00 AM


Steve Torso

Founder & CEO, Wholesale Investor

10:11 AM


10:11 AM: MediKane Holdings Ltd
10:22 AM: Global Study Partners
10:33 AM: Sanderson & Partners


10:44 AM


DEN BURYKIN - Managing Partner at Fastlane Solutions

Challenges in pitching and fundraising

10:51 AM


10:51 AM: Aecus Asia
11:02 AM: Fulton Phillips

11:13 AM


Jason Atkins - CEO of CAKE

Build a better team with employee shares

11:24 AM


11:24 AM: CarbonScape Ltd
11:35 AM: GAF Consulting Pty Ltd

11:46 AM


Mitch Eady - Director at PwC

R&D & Government Incentives

11:57 AM


11:57 AM: MedicInvest
12:08 PM: CosmoAesthetics

12:18 PM


James Parnwell - Managing Director at The Online Co

Digital Marketing in uncertain times

12:29 PM


12:29 PM: Tachyon Systems

12:40 PM




Amin Matni - Head of Incubation Programs at Qatar Business Incubation Centre
Irfan Malik - Co-Founder & CEO - inQ Innovation Global
Dr Ruchi Dana - Venture Partner at FundRx
Jessica Wang - Managing Partner & CMO of INP Capital
Den Burykin - Managing Partner at Fastlane Solutions

Showcasing Companies

MediKane Holdings Ltd

Healthcare / Healthcare Services

MediKane is a growth business selling to the Healthcare sector with two products at market and 3 other products set for launch in 2020.

The key market is diabetes and a secondary market is the hospital post-operative care market. Both of these products have been clinically proven to be fully effective in their applications.

The IP is well protected via several US, Japanese and Australian patents backed with extensive Trade Secret data.

Global Study Partners

Financial Services / Banking/ Fund Manager/ Private Equity/ Venture Capital

Global Study Partners is a unique EdTech platform that delivers a revolutionary approach to disrupt and drive efficiencies in the global international education market. The platform is designed to empower students around the world access to 400+ Universities offering some of the best education and study choices. Featuring over 30,000 courses and contracted with over 600 local recruitment partners, GSP Currently recruits students from 13 countries . GSP’s platform automates the student journey from application to enrolment and extends to a suite of student services – simplifying and enriching the student experience.

Sanderson & Partners

Entertainment, Financial Services, Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Fintech

Sanderson & Partners works with Australian film and television creators to provide financing, production, distribution and marketing services to compete on a global stage. Our mission is to grow the Australian film industry and back Australian filmmakers to create award winning films here in Australia.

Aecus Asia

Property, Artificial Intelligence, Smart City, Software-as-a-Service

Alicorn, AI-powered SaaS solution, delivers a cost effective and efficient building inspection solution. To achieve those two KPIs:

  1. Alicorn enables building inspection through autonomous drone

  2. AI-driven inspection to identify problems

  3. Full collaborative capability for surveyors, engineers, property managers, landlords and insurers to share, collaborate and view building inspection reports

  4. Building inspection project management capability

  5. Complete information lifecycle management

Fulton Phillips

Financial Services, Fintech, Software-as-a-Service

Fulton Phillips will disrupt the asset lending industry in similar fashion to Buy Now Pay Later providers impact on the laybuy industry.

Fulton Phillips are creating an online unique collateralised platform that will provide instant, discreet and secured loan approvals against the end customer’s assets. Our Platform will facilitate those customers to utilise their assets to secure liquidity for their opportunities or finance obligations. Incorporating trust, safety, refinancing, valuation, insurance, logistics and much more for B2C and B2B clients alike, this is truly a versatile solution.

CarbonScape Ltd

Environmental, Renewable Energy, Advanced Materials, Technology, Cleantech, Greentech

CarbonScape has developed deep seated technology to produce graphite battery anode material from a sawdust feedstock that potentially localises long complex supply chains for the rapidly growing (26% CAGR) global lithium-ion battery market. Up to 25wt% of a lithium-ion battery comprises graphite. The distinguishing features versus the incumbent mined and synthetic producers are: negative CO2 emissions; lower production costs; high performance; and the ability to modularise this technology proximal to new EV demand centres in Europe and the USA.

GAF Consulting Pty Ltd

Agriculture, Environmental, Agritech

A highly profitable, proven technology that produces environmentally friendly high yield crops that are sustainable, drought proof, free of herbicides and pesticides. For exclusive direct sales to Woolworths supermarkets. The company will purchase freehold industrial land with factory and office space in the Blue Mountains for construction of the Agrotunnel facilitIes and the establishment of an Aeroponic intensive crop production and packaging facility. To meet market demand year round with no down time or intervention by seasonal changes or extreme weather events, including drought.


Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Pharmaceuticals

MedicInvest is seeking to complete its capital raise (over 50% raised) for a unique and timely investment opportunity. With over $300kUSD raised ($5k per share) we are looking to close out this offer soon. $250k USD was used to acquire equity (2%) in OnDoc, a high growth healthcare organisation that provides a low cost healthcare solution to families ($30 per family/month for unlimited consultations and services). Since the position was taken the company has increased in value by 187% giving investors an immediate boost in value. A recent offer on OnDoc highlights its perceived value and growth trajectory.


Beauty, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals

CosmoAesthetics is a powerhouse innovation hub that represents a large portfolio of unmet, disruptive patent device technologies for both consumers and health professionals globally.
CosmoAesthetics company was established in 2015 in Melbourne-Australia by its founder, Dr Mathew Jafarzadeh. Mathew is an oral surgeon and senior laser practitioner and trainer with over 21 years of experience at his private multi-disciplinary clinic, Instant Laser Clinic.
CosmoAesthetics company has a strong team of Medical specialists, Surgeon, Doctors and World’s highly respected scientists in field of light therapy in advanced medicine.

Tachyon Systems

Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Software-as-a-Service

Tachyon ( aka Tachy ) is an award-winning platform – Artificial Intelligence-based Rapid Application development platform which helps IT professionals, to design, develop and deploy enterprise-grade software applications with less effort in no time.

Tachyon is built with human natural language processor, computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, intelligent automation, and Industry best practices of Software Engineering.


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